Gift Certificates

$ 15.00

Gift certificates are available in any denomination, or for a specific product. 

If you have specific instructions, a note you'd like to include, or a denomination not listed above, send an email to with the details and and I'll get it taken care of. 

Likewise, if you want multiple certificates shipped to different addresses, please contact me at . You can still place your order online for all of them, but unfortunately, my webstore doesn't  allow multiple shipping addresses per order, so you'll need to send the shipping addresses to me via email.  (You could also place separate orders for each gift certificate, but I'm guessing that is a bigger pain in the you-know-what.  Your choice, though!).

Some notes:

  • Certificates are beautifully printed and usually arrive in 3-5 days, depending on where you are located.  If timing is critical, they can be generated and sent via email. 
  • Recipient's name will be left blank unless specified otherwise. 
  • Purchaser's name will be on certificate unless specified otherwise (e.g. From "Nancy Smith")
  • There are no shipping charges on U.S. delivered gift certificates.  There may be a small fee for any international certificate delivery.  
  • Feel free to include a personalized message by sending a note to

Certificate not working? Certificates issued prior to Jan 1, 2016 will not work in the new Shopify system.  All customer purchased gift certificates will still be honored, however.  If you have an outstanding certificate you'd like to use, just send an email to and I'll handle your transaction!


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