Turnaround Time

To help you with planning, here is a chart with ballpark turnaround times for each product.

Please note:

  • Days listed are business days, M-F, excluding holidays. 
  • No rush?  I love you!  This gives us lots of time to dance around with your design . . . and have time to fix something in the unlikely event something goes sideways.  Just happiness all the way around.  Thank you for planning ahead! 
  • In a hurry?  If a rush option is available (e.g. expedited shipping), it's noted with an asterisk (*) in the time table below. Please let me know right away if you need to expedite your order. 
  • In a crazy-hurry? If you need something uber fast and are desperate (e.g.Nora Roberts just asked you to join her on a book tour that starts this weekend, for example), the products listed in italics below can be jammed through my system in the shortest amount of time.  Since I do the design and they print locally, I can do a bit of hand-holding, hovering & bearing gifts of chocolate to try and make it happen.  If you find yourself in this situation, let me know. 

If your order is for 5K items or more, please contact support@ninthmoon.com for a more accurate date. (Usually large orders require an additional 3-5 business days).

Autograph Stickers, Round Stickers, Spine Stickers
Gold foil, silver foil or matte 4-10 1-3* 1-2* 2-5*
Bitty Booklets Gloss 6-14 1-3* 3-6* 2-5*
Book & Date Stickers Gloss, full color 4-10 1-3* 1-2* 2-5*
Bookmarks Gloss or matte
5-12 1-3* 2-4* 2-5*
Bookplates High Gloss or Pearl 4-10 1-3* 1-2* 2-5*
Glossy Stickers & Return Address Labels
Gloss Only, 60lb 6-13 1-3* 3-5 2-5
Mini Notes 70lb Offset Opaque Smooth White 6-13 1-3* 3-5 2-5*
Mailing Labels (for smaller return labels, see above) Matte label stock 4-10 1-3* 1-2* 2-5*
Trading Cards 14 pt, 16 pt, gloss or matte (rush option not available on 16 pt paper) 5-15 1-3* 2-7* 2-5*