No surprises at checkout!  Free U.S. shipping on all orders $40 and over!  Under $40?  Flat rate shipping $5. 

APO/FPO address?:  I love our armed service personnel!  U.S. shipping prices apply!


International Customer?  (I currently ship to Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico).   If you live in another country, please contact me via email ( and I'll try and help you.

Sometimes there's a bit of a surprise.  Here's why:

Shipping costs reflected at checkout are my best guess.  I used USPS rates for various weight bands, but since many of my heavier products ship directly from the print facility, each vendor negotiates their own rates and uses different carriers.  Some add handling charges, some don't.  Some collect country taxes, some don't.  BUT:  I'll never charge you more without first letting you know.  I'll get an accurate quote (for shipping any any taxes on my end) once I know what you'd like to order and your delivery address.  At that time, you are free to cancel your order. 

  • For the most part, any heavy printed product (like bookmarks or postcards) will be heart-stopping expensive to ship overseas.  Smaller products like promotional stickers might be reasonable (depending on what you think it reasonable, that is).  Prices are based on weight ranges.
  • You are responsible for any additional taxes that might be levied by your country.

To give you a ballpark figure: 

  • For lighter items (promo stickers)--under 1.0 in weight:  Price ranges from $15-$20 to ship.
  • For medium weight items (up to 4 lbs):  $25-40.
  • For heavier items (over 4 lbs & up to 20 lbs):  $50 & up.
  • 20-40 lbs?  Expensive.  Just expensive.  Like  $120-190.
  • Over 40 lbs?  Product will be broken up into smaller sizes for shipping, so plan on a multiple of the above shipping rates.  Maximum shipping weight in many cases is 70lbs.

What to do:  Add your item to the cart and proceed through checkout.   If for some reason shipping ends up being wildly different in price, I'll let you know before I process your order. 

Cost saving tip:  What often works best is for clients to find a print shop locally (or at least somewhere in your country) and I can design a product to the local printer's specifications.  Digital transmission is free!