About me . . .

My name is Laron Glover. For the record, the picture over there--> isn't me.  It's how I wished I looked.  Elegant. Serene (even while holding up a huge tree). 

The point is, a gal's gotta dream, right?  Which I did . . .

For most of my young adult life, I loved writing; I loved art.  I also had a (boring) business/accounting degree and spent several years in "Corporate America" working in both finance and information technology, looking . . . over there. Dreaming.

I desperately wanted to find something that would fulfill my creative side and still put food on the table.   

It's scary stepping away from a regular paycheck, but in 2007, I found a splash of courage and started Ninth Moon.  I learned a lot during my first few years, and my business evolved into what you see today. 

But it's really about you . . .

Ninth Moon is a design boutique for writers, located in Snohomish, Washington.*  Even though we may never meet in person, I want you to feel liked you walked into a cozy store where you know the owner and she carries your favorite brand . . . of tea, of cookies of . . . whatever.  I want you to feel welcome and valued (because you are).  You're not just a name to me  (or two--many of my clients have pen names). I truly remember clients & the designs we create forever. 

All of my designs and products are created specifically to help authors promote their books and increase sales, no matter where you are in the marketing cycle:  showcasing your newest release, generating buzz, promoting a back-list, keeping your street team well-stocked or delighting a fan.  Some of my products are more "industry standard"--bookmarks, postcards, advertising layouts . . . but I also have a lot of fun coming up with unique products (like my client-favorite bitty booklets) that fill a specific marketing need.  In all cases, I'll work with you until we get a design they love. 

I realize anyone can visit an online print shop with drag-and-drop templates to create marketing collateral . . . and that's totally okay.  We've all been there and it's not a bad way to get something done, actually.  What makes Ninth Moon different is that I'll keep an eye out for the little stuff that's easy to forget and at the same time create a product people will remember.  I'll mirror the emotional tone of your book, or promote your "author brand."  Your goal (whatever it is) will become my goal. 

Of course I can't take credit for an author's success, but I've watched clients grow from their first published (or even self-published) novel to regularly rocking the best-seller lists.  I am so proud of you!  Go, go, go!!

* Snohomish (pronounced "sno-HOME-ish") is a quaint, antique-store town about twenty miles northeast of Seattle, complete with Victorian homes, a beautiful river, and a main street made for 4th of July parades. 

And a teeny bit more  . . .

I'm a mom.  If I'm not at my desk working on a Ninth Moon project, you can probably find me at the ballpark, cheering for my son's team, or at the school, doing what I can to help out in the classroom.  In my spare time (insert maniacal evil laugh here) I enjoy learning new things, playing around with Photoshop, photography, reading, writing, baking bread, and starting knitting projects that never get done.

Or cleaning house (yeah, right.  Scratch that.)

I love beautiful gardens, but hate doing anything that involves pulling weeds and grinding dirt up under my nails. 

I always give a fake name at Starbucks because  a) they can't spell or pronounce my name anyway and b) I like to pretend I'm someone different, someone I really admire.  On any given Monday, I might be Jane (as in Austen) or Katherine (as in Hepburn).  Or even Mary (as in Poppins) ... because if I could whip a messy room into shape like she could, world peace couldn't be far behind. 

I picked the name "Ninth Moon" after a brainstorming session.  I thought it sounded good, the whole birth thing being a good metaphor for an author's creative process (okay, sort of lame, but there you have it).   It's also my birthday month (September) and, from one of my marketing classes, I knew I needed something "tangible"--not just "author design services"--because how do you brand that?  I grabbed the domain . . . and the rest is history.

Later (after it was too late to do anything), I found out there's a psychedelic rock-ambient music band called Ninth Moon Black, just down the Pacific Coast from me in Portland.  It would be interesting to see how they came up with their name (guessing the whole-earth-mother-birthing-your-creative-child-routine probably wasn't on their list).  Maybe if my business goes sideways, I can audition as a roadie . . . or donate half-knit socks in exchange for a CD or two.


Oh, and this is the "real" me . . . on a good (for me) hair day.  The other days?  You really don't want to know.