Autograph Stickers (1.5" x .75" Oval) - Custom Design

$ 16.00

Price includes custom design!

Video: Shows actual sizes, information on paper stocks, adhesive strength (removable vs. permanent), along with some helpful hints for choosing which sticker is right for you. 

About autograph stickers:

A promotional sticker can make a difference in sales. Consumers are automatically drawn to the sticker, and there's a good chance he/she will pick up the book and at least look at the first few pages. Some consumers buy autographed books--just because they're autographed.

  • Custom design included (I will contact you after you place your order to get your thoughts on design!)
  • Colored stickers (non-foil) have a light adhesive that is removable on most surfaces (if removability  is important to you, please test first--I'm happy to send a sample!);
  • Foil stickers have regular-strength (most popular--won't get knocked off on the shelf)
  • Oval sticker 1.5" x .75"
  • 220 stickers per set.  You may have a different design created for each set you order.
  • Great for promoting blogs and contests, too!
  • A low-cost, amazing gift idea for your writer-friend!

More info on adhesive strength, to help you choose what is right for you: 

  • Ninth Moon's foil stickers are made with regular-strength adhesive.  This is the most popular sticker type/adhesive.  They will stay in place while on the shelf and can add treasure value to your book. A custom sticker can help validate/certify your signature is authentic.  Foil stickers may be removable, depending on your book cover finish.  Stickers are usually easier to remove on glossy covers while stickers on soft paper or covers with a matte finish . . . probably not.  It also depends on how long you leave the sticker on the book. 
  • If a removable sticker is important, please purchase our color-printed matte stickers.  These stickers have a "light adhesive"--similar to a Post-it note.  These stickers are designed to be removable from most surfaces.  As with all adhesives, removability is also dependent on your book's cover material and the length of time the sticker will be in place.
  • And one other thing to think about:   If your sticker is designed to come off, please make sure your books are stored in an area where they won't be exposed to UV light.  The sticker is essentially providing "shade" and your cover may fade around the sticker . . . again, depending on the length of time, exposure to sunlight, the quality and hue of your book cover.  In other words, if we're storing Shakespeare's First Folio, probably not a good idea to put a sticker on it. 

Promotional tips for authors:

  • Get signed copies in stores around the world!  When you send a stack of signed bookplates to the store, include a set of "autographed by author stickers."  After the bookstore owner places your bookplate inside of your novel, he/she can put the "autographed" sticker on the outside cover. 

Existing Client Bonus!

  • Want to use the same design from a prior order?  You will get 10% more product as a bonus!  You may select a different paper stock if you wish.  (After you place your order, I will still confirm design with you prior to sending to the printer.)

General information:

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