Poster (Design Only)

$ 90.00

About Poster Designs:

Here's how it works:  You pick the vendor; I'll create a design that meets their specifications.  Design fees are based on finished surface area (this is where that 4th grade math comes in handy!).   Length x Width (in feet) = Surface area.  

What you need to know:

  • Since most posters are one-sided, these design fees cover one side only. 
  • If you have a double-sided poster, it's okay to print the same design on both sides (no extra charge, of course). 
  • If you want a different design on the flip side (not very common), then you will need to order two designs. 

 What's included:

  • Design work, ready for upload (created to meet your selected vendor's specifications--color requirements, resolution, etc)
  • A design you love! 

Existing clients--need a poster revised?

Modifications/Revisions (to existing design only):  If I've created a poster design for you and you need it updated, special reduced pricing is available for minor modifications.  These include:

  • Resizing--e.g. if you change vendors. 
  • Small edits:  replace existing book covers, update website information. 

Contact me at and I will give you a quote based on your specific needs.

General information:

What happens after I place my order?

Information on turnaround time.

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