Bookmark (Design Only)

$ 75.00

About Bookmark Designs:

Here's how it works:  You pick the vendor; I'll create a design that meets their specifications. 

Why you might want to use this option:

  • This option is often a good choice for overseas clients where shipping from a U.S. print vendor is often time and cost prohibitive;
  • If I don't offer the size/options you want for your bookmark; or
  • If you have a print shop (or your publisher has an internal print shop) that you'd like to use instead. 
 What's included:
  • Design work, in high-resolution format, ready for upload (created to meet your selected vendor's specifications--color requirements, resolution, etc). 
  • A design you love! 

What's not included:

  • Placing order with the vendor.  With a design-only option, you are responsible for placing the order directly with your chosen vendor, choosing print options (paper/finish), validating their proof.  (I will help if there is a problem with the actual design file, of course.  I won't leave you hanging trying discuss pixels and bleed marks--pinky promise!).
  • Photoshop & design files.  Due to licensing, copyright & legal restrictions on fonts and images used in my creations, I am not permitted to send unflattened Photoshop/InDesign files to clients.  If you desperately need to have access to source files, let me know and I can get you pricing options. Usually this involves the client purchasing the stock images and any fonts they don't already own.  Price will vary by project, but a ballpark figure is around $100-$250 for the license purchases.  

  • Special design services:  Pricing is for standard bookmark design. If your design needs special services (e.g. spot UV prep, die cutting prep), there will be an additional fee.  This is usually about $30 per service.  Please contact me at for additional pricing information.

Existing clients--need an existing bookmark revised?

Modifications/Revisions (to existing design only):  If I've created a bookmark design for you and you need it updated, special reduced pricing is available for minor modifications.  These include:

  • Resizing--e.g. if you change vendors. 
  • Small edits:  replace existing book covers, update website information. 
Contact me at and I can give you a custom quote based on what changes you need. 




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