Ninth Moon - Design Boutique for Authors

I create designs and products to help authors promote their books. Some of these products are industry standard items like bookmarks, postcards, advertising layouts . . . but I also have a lot of fun coming up with unique products that designed specifically for this industry. 
Many authors find themselves in a position where they want to promote their books.  It's no secret many authors aren't on the receiving end of a promotional budget.  Or maybe they've received rights to previously published titles and are re-issuing these titles in a self-publishing venture. 
I'm here to help.


*** February 2016 ***  I'm still adding/activating my products to my new web platform daily!  It's taking me a little while to go through my images and format them for each product.  Please contact me if you don't see something you need.  XOXOXO,  - Laron